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Our Introduction

Mom'nKidsHome is online shop which presents branded clothes, baby and kids fittings for the whole family with affordable price and good service.

We also offer birthday souvenir and hampers for one month old baby celebration, birthday, wedding, Chirstmas, Idul Fitri and other special occasions.

Open for retail and reseller customers in Indonesia.

Contact us for order and more information.

   : sales@momnkidshome.com 

   : 0818-0925-4350 (sms only) 

  : momnkidshome 

   : facebook.com/Momnkidshome 

 : by request 

Thank you for shopping with us.

Packaging & Tracking


Sis udah nyampe nih paketannya makasih yaaa sis ga nyesel dech pokonya bagus2

Widya Wulandari

sis.... packaging kamu bgs bgt...
Niat bgt ya smp buat packaging sndr

Leny Anwari

ini baru online shop kalem, gak cerewet, santai, dikasih bonus lagi
senangnyaaaaa belanja di sini makasih banyak mom n kids home

Widya Wulandari

teh, udh smpe souvenirsnya,
baguss, nuhun nya

Tri (Sumedang)